Thursday, May 03, 2007

Little Smalltalk

FromSqueak to Visual Works, from StrongTalk to GNU Smalltalk, i finally discovered a good smalltalk implementation: Little Smalltalk.

In the previous post i talked about GNU Smalltalk and why it matters, but it's still unstable, it works only on Unix and it's slow.
Also i stopped working on SqueakGtk due to various reasons.
Visual Works is not open and the non commercial version is just for educative purposes.
I dislike StrongTalk even if it's a nice idea.

So, what's next? I tried to create a Smalltalk by my own, the VM is still ready, it works but it needs still some optimizations and hacks to be more stable. When i decided to exploit some of the basic virtual machines on the net, i found the project Little Smalltalk alive... just a reading on the about page, a test on a Windows machine, and i realized this project is just what i tried to make since several months.

Conclusion? Little Smalltalk has a strong base, it's very portable especially its GUI (IUP) and it's at the beginning... it needs help and i guess this version could increase its importance and become a mainstream only if being supported.

Just what Smalltalk wants to be...


Michael said...


I too have "discovered" Little Smalltalk and have since chosen it as my Smalltalk platform of choice. While it isn't as fresh as say, Dolphin, with some work, it could become so.


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