Saturday, June 23, 2007

Syx improvements

some times ago i talked about my Smalltalk implementation, Syx.
These are the main objectives i reached till now:
  • Working on Windows and Linux indifferently, using the Scons build system
  • Added a very simple garbage collector and memory management
  • Added a basic plugin system
  • Introduced immediate Characters (like SmallIntegers)
  • Exception handling/ensuring
  • Image compatible with both 32bit and 64bit format
This is what's next:
  • Coalesced hash tables with consistent hash functions
  • Add system signal handling
  • Complete the basic environment
  • Implement a strong method caching
  • Use non-blocking functions for I/O
  • Foreign Function Interface (maybe FFICall?)
Here is the ChangeLog and a screenshot of Gtk+ running inside Syx


Anonymous said...

by FFICall you mean libffi?

Luca Bruno said...

No, FFCall, this one:

There's no libffi inside MingW Gcc. However, i still don't know... really

rotatef said...

Bringing up the GtkWindow didn't work for me. Here's what I got:

> GtkWindow new showAll.
> Gtk main!
PrimitiveFailed class>>signal
GtkWindow class>>primitiveFailed
GtkWindow class>>primNew
GtkWindow class>>new
Console class>>run

I checked it out of svn a few minutes ago. Will try more. Ubuntu 7.04, with the gtk2.0-dev and readline5-dev packages installed.

Luca Bruno said...

You need to load the plugin first:

> Smalltalk loadPlugin: 'gtk'!