Saturday, June 07, 2008

Syx 0.1.7 has been released

after several months a new version of Syx has been released. This release contains mostly VM changes and some changes to the Smalltalk Collections. As usual, release notes follow:

This versions enhances a new version of the interpreter, major updates to the scheduler, and as usual a lot of bug fixes. Syx left the Google Code SVN repositories because of many connection problems.

You can find informations about the new GIT repository here:

Installation instructions:

API and environment:

  • SYX_ROOT_PATH and SYX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variables have been introduced.
  • Process and context creation changed.
  • New functions have been added for the scheduler, for manually do events iteration and adding idle functions to wake up semaphores.
  • Startup responsibility has been dropped from libsyx.
  • Added syx errors for system signals to be used with syx_signal.
  • Image recovering has been fixed.


  • Covered several standard methods for Collections, Numbers and Object printing/storing.
  • Error reporting from the VM now drops the exception to the Smalltalk environment when the interpreter is running.
  • Random class has been added.
  • Signal handling improvements for the GTK+ plugin.
  • #display family methods have been introduced for Smalltalk objects.


  • System signal handling has been improved.
  • Cache hash code of Symbols.
  • The interpreter has been refactored to use one stack per Process.
  • Contexts are now created only on demand.
  • Optimized Symbols creation.
  • Signal class has been abstracted.


  • The parser have been changed for handling new interpreter specifications.
  • Several fixes to the parser for special cases.
  • Fixed blocks scope.
  • Support <- assignment.


  • Image snapshot will nullify C pointers
  • Image format has been changed for handling new interpreter specifications.
  • Handle internal interpreter C pointers to be restored the right way.


  • Different behavior of the scheduler for POSIX and Windows systems has been introduced.
  • Scheduler external idle sources have been added.
  • Asyncronous command line and GTK+ loop using semaphores. This leads to dropping readline.
  • A simple round robin scheduler has been added.
  • Dropped image saving of POSIX fd poll


  • Added lots of new comments.
  • Started documentation project including a manual still under development and a manpage.

Thanks to everyone contributing to the project.

See the ChangeLog for a complete list of things that changed.


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