Sunday, July 13, 2008

Syx gaining more stability and speed

in the new branches of Syx (an open source Smalltalk-80 implementation) we're working to try a new kind of memory management and add many features that have been missed until now to focus on other stuff.

The new faster and more modern v0.1.8 release will contain the following refactoring:
  • Objects will be variable-length (minumum 12 bytes on 32-bit processors and 16 bytes on 64-bit processors)
  • By changing the objects also the GC changed to a mark and compact GC
  • Threaded-switch statement to run processes
  • More efficient method cache (maybe a simple global cache lookup for this release)
API for primitives will only change slightly.

Suggestions for any new particular technologies are welcome.


shirofaii said...

How about Unicode support?

Luca Bruno aka Lethalman said...

Unicode will be supported by default for String and replace the current one with ANSIString or such in the next releases at least for 0.2. This means it can be for 0.1.9 or 0.1.10.
This release is a huge refactoring, so we don't want to break yet more things.