Thursday, August 07, 2008

kqemu on Debian amd64

I've been using qemu a lot lately because I'm creating an usb hdd with debian live.
The image contains a system running postgresql, development packages for gtk and python and gnome-core . All this ends up loading in more than 5 minutes, this is really boring.

Then I begun looking for a faster virtualization system, and found KVM. Unfortunately my processor hasn't the right flag for it.

Finally I found kqemu, which is a module for the kernel that speeds up a lot qemu. I never thought it could speed up things...... so.... much!
Let's install it:
m-a a-i kqemu
modprobe kqemu
That's it, for those who owns an amd64 processor, this is the right way to use kqemu:
qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel-kqemu [your options]
You shouldn't get any error, if you do... boh.

The image now boots in 33 seconds down to the bottom init scripts, and GNOME works only with a slight delay but it's definitely a great speed up. With the real machine, I enter gnome in about 40 seconds.

Keep going the good work Qemu team, and thanks as usual to everyone who helped me on IRC.

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