Monday, December 14, 2009

Facebook and Berlusconi

today many people are getting subscribed (with NO authorization) automatically to this group: Sosteniamo SILVIO BERLUSCONI contro i FAN di massimo tartaglia. You have NO notification that you've been subscribed to this group.

Also consider the geographic position (screenshot) of the group contact.

Also consider that the group can't be signaled to facebook, because the feature looks like out of service.

It's clearly a mafia group, beware of!

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Luca Bruno aka Lethalman said...

mail a:,,,,,,,
subject: Group abuse subscription automatic non-authorized

I'm sorry I couldn't report this using the group reporting feature on because it doesn't work.

I, and many many others, have been subscribed to this group without authorization,
notification or permission granted by the subscribed user.
The group can't be reported/signaled, because the reporting/signaling feature
doesn't work.

It can happen to be subscribed to other groups still referring to

Please take in account the request to remove the group(s) immediately and
their creators as far as many users are complaining against this behavior.
Many users, including me, think it's been mostly caused by a bad
administration/management of facebook that granted "unauthorized
user subscription" to these group(s).

Best regards,