Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DuckDuckGo search engine

in this post I'd like to hint you a very nice search engine: DuckDuckGo. I've been pointed out to this by a post here on why both Google and Yahoo suck (and why Google search does more).
In older posts of mine you can find some examples on how Google search can miserably fail a search.
The main problem with the two approaches is: Google (and Bing too) sorts by popularity, Yahoo by match. So, what can happen is: Google finds something completely unrelated to what you need, Yahoo is much sensible to the keywords you put.

This DuckDuckGo search engine instead, looks up the search keywords and asks you for the meaning of the words (Yahoo phase), and then sorts it by popularity (Google phase). Especially with web 2.0 and publicity, popularity of web sites loses much more importance over the actual relationship between the meaning of the search and the web page itself.

So, as usual the conclusion is: don't use only one search engine, use multiple ones because implementation matters; don't say people "Google is your friend" because it can happen to be offensive, say instead "use your favourite search engine (YFSE)".


Unknown said...

I haven't tried the DuckDuckGo search engine, but I can say that Google has been very efficient to me. In fact, we gather our Gigats facts using Google. Most of us are satisfied with our Gigats services with the use of Google. I think searching is a matter of using the right keyword.

Luca Bruno said...

No it's not about keywords, it's about how search engines work. They are not all equal, and it's important to understand you not always find what your searching as one of the first results, instead it can happen that other search engines use different weights and you find what you want on the first pages.
And no, it's not about reading next 10 pages, it's good to use different search engines when you can't find something.

Unknown said...

Well I agree with that. Not all searches in the first page fits what I need. I'm satisfied with Google, but I'd try others as well. Thanks again!

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