Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bubble sort for prolog

Hello again,
this time I've found a version of bubble sort here. I wanted to provide my version, which is less iterative and, I think, more intuitive. What it does is, simply, bubble until it's sorted:

bubblesort(L1, L2) :- bubblesort2(L1,L2,unsorted),!.
bubblesort2(L1,L2,unsorted) :- bubble(L1,L3,C), bubblesort2(L3,L2,C).
bubble([X,Y|L], [X|L1], C) :- X <= Y, bubble([Y|L],L1,C).
bubble([X,Y|L], [Y|L1], unsorted) :- X > Y, bubble([X|L],L1,_).

Yes, the exam is tomorrow so I will finally stop annoying you readers ;)

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