Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aruanne, pdf reporting framework

a while ago I've been talking about pango cairo and how to generate pdf with a couple of tables.
In the meantime I've worked on it, improving and enhancing new kinds of elements. This has lead to the creation of a small project, a library providing a simple framework for generating mostly PDF reports (I haven't tried to generate SVG or something else yet).

After a couple of release requests, I've found finally the time to publish a sort of working code.

Here's the git repository and here you can download the snapshot tarball.

Any patches welcome.


Anonymous said...

i would like to signalize to you my project
unfortunately it's
stopped for lack of time, but we can join forces (for example you can make the python binding)
what do you think?

Luca Bruno said...

What's your email? I see the examples are only xml... can't it be used as a library? The purpose of aruanne is to be rewritten later in C and to not rely on databases... it's more general purpose. So that you can create an XML definition over the library abstraction later. Anyway using XML is not my primary goal, as instead of writing XML you could write HTML then do some kind of html2pdf, there's no reason to create another markup language for creating pdf reports IMHO.

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