Monday, November 27, 2006

A new experimental Smalltalk version

Hello Smalltalkers,
i've been experimenting a Smalltalk VM made in Python these days. Yes, it works fine but it's extremely slow of course.
It's just an experiment; i will publish the code soon tough.

Right now, i'm creating another simple Smalltalk implementation written in C on top of Glib.
It's inspired by PDST (lexer and parser) and GNU Smalltalk (scripting and Smalltalk code).
The VM is really weird, it doesn't completely follow the Blue Book, but it works fine.

Currently it's just an experiment of mine to gain a better knowledge of Smalltalk and its internals, but i would hope to give a future to this project.

Syx (Smalltalk YX) aims to have a very simple and flexible code, to be multiplatform and possibly bug-free.