Thursday, July 29, 2010

Using Mash with Vala

recently Mash has been released. It is a library for reading models in PLY format and creating Clutter actors from them. For reference, Blender is able to export to PLY. It means you can draw your models with Blender and use Clutter as rendering engine.
Clutter is a 3D canvas and animation toolkit while Blender is a 3D modelling suite.

What I've tested so far is porting the Monkey Viewer C example to Vala: code snippet and monkey PLY here.

That is going to be awesome, stay tuned!

Mipsdis MIPS32 disassembler

I've written a MIPS32 (Release 2) disassembler for ELF files. It is not a simple disassembler, it's mostly made for reverse engineering proprietary boxes for educational purposes. It has been successfully tested on Vodafone Station which has Broadcom binaries. These boxes don't have a sections table, therefore normal disassemblers don't work. Mipsdis instead will guess the bounds of those sections (most important ones are TEXT and RODATA for strings).

This console program outputs a friendly assembly code, whose each instruction is commented (comments copied directly from the mips specification). It also features labels for branches and symbol resolution for strings, global variables and functions.

More information and downloads here.