Sunday, July 13, 2008

Syx gaining more stability and speed

in the new branches of Syx (an open source Smalltalk-80 implementation) we're working to try a new kind of memory management and add many features that have been missed until now to focus on other stuff.

The new faster and more modern v0.1.8 release will contain the following refactoring:
  • Objects will be variable-length (minumum 12 bytes on 32-bit processors and 16 bytes on 64-bit processors)
  • By changing the objects also the GC changed to a mark and compact GC
  • Threaded-switch statement to run processes
  • More efficient method cache (maybe a simple global cache lookup for this release)
API for primitives will only change slightly.

Suggestions for any new particular technologies are welcome.

Thursday, July 03, 2008 is worse

I'm using Twitter in this week and the API works "almost" perfectly while the website is down most of the time.
I've recently heard about, so I decided to try it.
My first impression was bad, because I've seen many redirects of the page, and DNS changes sometimes.
But ok, I tried to register and again... I had problems. When I submitted the registration twice it just did nothing.
I then waited for a couple of hours then I've been registered to

Once I tuned all my account settings, the service has gone down. What happened? Too many twitterers have switched and now is out of service? In the while Twitter has magically reopened its gate.