Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello world in console and GTK+

lately i received a request to show how to print Hello world from Syx and a small example on how to open a GTK+ window.

Here are the two examples:
Have fun!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Syx 0.1.5 has been released

after a few months of low activity due to the university, i finally released the new version of Syx. Release notes follows.

This version includes yet more features, compatibility with other build systems on different platforms, important bug fixes and a great performance boost, which will be continued in next releases. A list of the major changes:

  • MSVC support has been improved
  • ANSI C and strict ISO compilation
  • External declarations for C++
  • The ST runtime compiler has been replaced with a C-side compiler
  • Class creation issues from ST has been fixed
  • Tracebacks and error reporting have been improved
  • Install desktop files on GNU/Linux platforms
  • Support for the GNU building system has been added as an alternative to SCons
  • Build under MSYS has been fixed
  • Block ensuring has been fixed
  • New examples have been added such as web code browser and a simple GTK+ application
  • Dictionary rehashing has been fixed
  • A better implentation of OrderedCollection? has been enhanced
  • Internal profiling and gprof support at compile-time
  • Created one stack per process against one stack per context

This version breaks the API for creating new processes and contexts from C and ST too. Thanks for anyone who contributed to Syx.