Saturday, June 23, 2007

Syx improvements

some times ago i talked about my Smalltalk implementation, Syx.
These are the main objectives i reached till now:
  • Working on Windows and Linux indifferently, using the Scons build system
  • Added a very simple garbage collector and memory management
  • Added a basic plugin system
  • Introduced immediate Characters (like SmallIntegers)
  • Exception handling/ensuring
  • Image compatible with both 32bit and 64bit format
This is what's next:
  • Coalesced hash tables with consistent hash functions
  • Add system signal handling
  • Complete the basic environment
  • Implement a strong method caching
  • Use non-blocking functions for I/O
  • Foreign Function Interface (maybe FFICall?)
Here is the ChangeLog and a screenshot of Gtk+ running inside Syx

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Smalltalk YX

i'm creating this new Smalltalk-80 vm, based a bit on the blue book, inspired by PDST and Susie, but much different in some aspects.
I talked about it some times ago here:

Now, after important refactorings, that are continuing right now, i wished to publish the project under MIT license here:

Currently, i'm working on speed: i want a fast but complete VM as much as i can trough my very poor knowledges.

At all, i'm learning many things from this project, really... tough it's very close to Little Smalltalk's philosophy, i would like to continue my work even if it could be "yet another insignificant fork", just to learn other cool things about Smalltalk.