Monday, October 20, 2008 is dead

lately I've been using for a couple of weeks because I've found it really useful.
Today I've tried to update my status through sending a mail but I received delivery failures... I then discovered that is dead!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FreeSpeak, a GTK+/GNOME translator

I've worked on FreeSpeak a couple of years ago, a Python/GTK+/GNOME project to translate text and web pages by querying already existing online translation tools.
PRO: It has been packed for Ubuntu and it has been publicized by a journal in Italy.
CONS: It has been discontinued until now. In fact I restarted the project and I'm doing a huge refactoring because of the ugly code I wrote in the past.

It's already working, but some features are still missing.
The new approach will allow applications to use FreeSpeak as a Python library to embed the translation widgets.

Contact me if you intend to help the project with suggestions, bug reports, critiques and coding.