Monday, June 30, 2008

New debian tool proposal

this is my second post about Debian. I'm lately discovering all the tools for both managing my Debian system and creating packages.
dh_make is the first tool I've used for the "first debianization" (called so by the New maintainers' guide) which creates a basic template for your package.
Anyway after a few packagings I've seen that something redundant could be automatized further.
What I suggest is a tool that does the following stuff after dh_make has been called:
  1. First dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
  2. Check for libraries and binaries and create new packages in debian/control
  3. Find docs in usr/shared and modify the doc-base
  4. Check for .desktop files and .xpm then create menu
  5. Find info and manpages files
  6. Obtain copyright from COPYING/LICENSE and such, authors from AUTHORS and so on
  7. Find ITP on BTS and fill in the bug number in the changelog
  8. Rebuild the project
  9. Check for lintian errors and warnings and try to fix them (such as empty directories, wrong library name, etc.)
I'm sorry if I'm missing any files such as init.d or cron.d but I'm still newbie with packaging and I haven't tried all the stuff yet.
How this tool sounds to you? Would it be useful and easy to make at least for simple autotooled projects?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Syx 0.1.7 has been released

after several months a new version of Syx has been released. This release contains mostly VM changes and some changes to the Smalltalk Collections. As usual, release notes follow:

This versions enhances a new version of the interpreter, major updates to the scheduler, and as usual a lot of bug fixes. Syx left the Google Code SVN repositories because of many connection problems.

You can find informations about the new GIT repository here:

Installation instructions:

API and environment:

  • SYX_ROOT_PATH and SYX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variables have been introduced.
  • Process and context creation changed.
  • New functions have been added for the scheduler, for manually do events iteration and adding idle functions to wake up semaphores.
  • Startup responsibility has been dropped from libsyx.
  • Added syx errors for system signals to be used with syx_signal.
  • Image recovering has been fixed.


  • Covered several standard methods for Collections, Numbers and Object printing/storing.
  • Error reporting from the VM now drops the exception to the Smalltalk environment when the interpreter is running.
  • Random class has been added.
  • Signal handling improvements for the GTK+ plugin.
  • #display family methods have been introduced for Smalltalk objects.


  • System signal handling has been improved.
  • Cache hash code of Symbols.
  • The interpreter has been refactored to use one stack per Process.
  • Contexts are now created only on demand.
  • Optimized Symbols creation.
  • Signal class has been abstracted.


  • The parser have been changed for handling new interpreter specifications.
  • Several fixes to the parser for special cases.
  • Fixed blocks scope.
  • Support <- assignment.


  • Image snapshot will nullify C pointers
  • Image format has been changed for handling new interpreter specifications.
  • Handle internal interpreter C pointers to be restored the right way.


  • Different behavior of the scheduler for POSIX and Windows systems has been introduced.
  • Scheduler external idle sources have been added.
  • Asyncronous command line and GTK+ loop using semaphores. This leads to dropping readline.
  • A simple round robin scheduler has been added.
  • Dropped image saving of POSIX fd poll


  • Added lots of new comments.
  • Started documentation project including a manual still under development and a manpage.

Thanks to everyone contributing to the project.

See the ChangeLog for a complete list of things that changed.