Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Secure and Decentralized Chat

I'm writing to let you know of the first release of SDChat.
It is a protocol with libraries and programs to create secure IM networks using GPG and RSA.
All the stack is written in Python but the page says it will be rewritten from scratch to provide a C API.

It features a GTK+ interface with many plugins (unfortunately audio and video are being broken due to gstreamer updates) and a simple server for routing. No installation is required.

Wondering if this can be any useful for Iranians.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Vala 0.7.10 released

I'm lately following the Vala development and finally we got a new release with plenty of bug fixes and enhancements which makes Vala even more interesting and usable as general purpose language.

Here's the announcement.
I'd like to point you to the new Vala journal, a good resource to stay tuned with Vala changes periodically.

* Support coalescing operator ??.
* Support to_string and bitwise complement with enums.
* Return handler id when connecting signal handlers.
* Support struct comparison.
* Support constructor chaining in structs.
* Enforce protected member restrictions.
* Improve performance of flow analysis.
* Support automatic line continuations in Genie.
* Improvements to the .gir reader and writer.
* Add --enable-mem-profiler commandline option.
* Many bug fixes and binding updates.