Sunday, February 04, 2007

Java IS the IDE

I read a post about Java and what developers think about its possible future extensions: Why is everything a language extension? So why is everything an IDE?

IDE, IDE, IDE... why are you all Java programmers concentrated on the IDE power? I really can't accept this concept. What this means? This means that Java can be boring on many tasks... what about writing Java GUI and other things without an IDE? Yes, the first reason why i left Java programming is just this: you need an IDE that saves you from the code.

Why is it hard to understand that Java is the only language that needs so much IDE support instead of writing plain code? I'm a Smalltalker/Pythonian but take the closer language to Java: C++ doesn't need as any "magic" stuff as Java does trough IDEs.

Please, let Java become simpler since i have to study it by force against my will.