Monday, July 30, 2007

Syx 0.1.3 has been released

this new release of Smalltalk YX adds yet more support for other platforms (Windows CE), a bunch of bug fixes, and many features like the ST compiler. This is a list of what changed since previous release:
  • Fractions, division methods and some other match functions (floor, ceiling, quo, trunc, ...) have been added
  • Some lexer issues (quotes, minus, ...) have been fixed
  • Fixed garbage collection while finalizing objects
  • Many ANSI methods for Character have been covered
  • First attempt to reach endianness image compatibility
  • String to Number methods and viceversa have been added
  • Super messages have been fixed
  • Syntax shortucts such as Object>>#caseOf:otherwise: have been added
  • Fixed cascading parsing
  • A complete Smalltalk compiler has been added
  • Support for cross-compiling and with more options have been added to Scons
  • Save text of methods
  • Increased initial memory size from 20000 objects to 100000 objects
  • More C functions have been documented
  • An important issue in ArrayedCollection?>>#replace:From:To:With: primitive has been fixed
  • Access mode (read, write, read and write) to Streams and more methods to FileStreams? have been added
  • CompiledMethod? and CompiledBlock? inheritance has been reorganized
  • Run Smalltalk scripts from command line
  • New plugin to wrap native Win API to create a simple WinWorkspace
  • Build Syx for Windows CE with WinWorkspace running on the device
  • Support for user-defined startup sequence has been added
  • Support for wide-character strings has been added
  • getopt, errno, fstat, access, getenv and perror are now optional functions

Cross-compiling to Windows CE has been done with host=arm-wince-mingw32ce using CeGCC by disabling all configuration options. Endianness compatibility is not perfectly reached yet.

See the ChangeLog for a complete list of things that changed.

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