Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SqueakGtk halos

You all know that Morphic has halos: those small buttons around a Morph. SqueakGtk is going to have this kind of feature, currently really basic; it just work for inspecting a widget.
First run this code into a Workspace:
Gtk default useHalos: true

This will cache all created GtkWidget objects. Now you can open a simple window with widgets inside of it and run this code:
Gtk default enterHalos

Now do Ctrl + left mouse button click and an inspector (ore more than one) should open on the clicked widget.

When you don't need halos anymore just type:
Gtk default leaveHalos

In the next version, probably, this feature can be improved. Right now it's just a funny test.

Also the inspector is not complete, i just added a few property specs. It really needs to be improved a lot and also to be more automated instead of creating a specification for each GObject.

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